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Above: Alec Monopoly and Andrea Soriani (left), VP Marketing at zenith replica North America, Nicolas Pic (right), VP Sales at zenith replica North America.

Revolution USA spoke with Alec Monopoly, graffiti artist and zenith replica brand ambassador at the Aventura Mall opening of zenith replica's new boutique.

What was the first time you realized you wanted to be an Artist?

I feel like an artist from birth. Growing up, my mother was an artist.roger dubuis replica watches She taught me how draw and paint. I was very encouraged by her to create art.

What type of art were you creating back then?

Drawings are what I like to do. I went to art school. This was the only class where I could concentrate in middle and high school. Pop Art was always my favorite. I loved the bright colors and Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Lichtenstein, and Basquiat. This art attracted me. Bright and happy.

Alec Monopoly

Do you recall the first piece of artwork that made you feel proud or satisfied?

It was probably in high school, when we did a study of a David sculpture. It looked exactly like the original. It was hyper-realistic. It was like I had some superpower. [laughs]

Where do you get your inspiration in relation to current events, culture or any other topic?

I love to travel, live and breathe life,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches and create street art. Graffiti is a passion of mine. When I read about art history, reading about Picasso and Basquiat, I am also inspired by the past.

What do you prefer when you work: silence or music

Music is my favorite thing. It is a bit of a give and take, and it all depends on my mood. It's not the same music. Sometimes Bob Marley chill music is my favorite, while other times I like hip-hop or techno. I like techno and minimal beats when I'm working fast.